Hotstreak: A Bad Boy New Adult Romance

This girl thinks she can change me, thinks that I’m a good man. I’m giving her a first class ticket to what I am: A whirlwind of destruction.

Connifer: Fights are what I live for. Freedom is what I earned a lifetime ago. But now I’ve got my eye on a bratty little number. My little girl’s sitter. Course, the only problem is that I’ve sworn off anything besides one night stands. F*ck if I’ve ever been one to play by rules, because I need to make her mine.

Vivian: Life stabbed me in the gut and left me to bleed; now I’ve fled the nest to find my mother because this town’s got nothing for me. Except the venomous city of Chaos, Nevada, isn’t any better. Everyone’s out to deceive me, save for the man that makes me melt. There’s fire and ice in his eyes, and he’s hiding something dangerous from me. He thinks he can control me, own me. But this is my life. My story. And I’m going to make him work for every ounce of my heart.

*This is a full length, steamy standalone novel. It ends at 25%, includes 2 bonus novels, and has a Happily Ever After.*

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