Vnor (Aliens Of Xeion)

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I wasn’t supposed to fall for a human. But she has a way of breaking down
my walls.”

Bridget is a brilliant scientist with no time for fun and relaxation. That’s when she decides to
convince her friend Vicki to join her in the desert for an all female yoga retreat.

Vnor is a Kynon Lieutenant working under his Captain on a very important mission – find
human females to save the Kynon race. They find 12 of them in the desert and take them.

After a crash landing on an unknown plant, Bridget wakes up to find that she is alone on an alien
planet. But when the only one around to help her is the Kynon alien Vnor, she knows she has no
choice but to go along with him, even though he is rude and frustrating.

Vnor doesn’t care about this human female. His heart belongs to his past, but he will fulfill his
mission to get the female to his planet. That is until he comes across the dangerous cyborgs that
inhabit the planet and take them as prisoners.

Now he needs to save himself and save her, and finds himself opening up to her more and more
as they brave the cyborg planet together.

But will she be enough to make him forget his lost love? Or will he refuse to give into his fate to
be with the brilliant and stubborn human?

Vnor (Aliens Of Xeion) is the second book in the Aliens Of Xeion
Stadalone series. All books in this page-turning Sci Fi Alien Abduction
Romance can be read as standalones, there are no cliffhangers, and
happily ever afters are guaranteed!

Note: Adults Only!

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