The Clan Legacy Complete Series Box Set

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The Complete 11 Book Clan Legacy Series!

J. S. Striker’s best selling books all in one box set!!

BOOK 1: Robbie – A Dragon Shifter Novel.Sophia Gray had only a few rules in life: keep a low profile at all times and always watch your back. As a powerful witch she has many useful spells, ones that are highly sought after by the vampire clan, forming an alliance that kept her somewhat protected. Life was cruising by peacefully until a mysterious shifter got his life accidentally tied up with hers. Now her once-peaceful existence was in danger, with vampires out to get her, no one to turn to – and a shifter who was too sexy for his own good.

As head of one of the most powerful shifter clans in the world, all Robbie Sebastianwanted was to live a quiet life. Unfortunately war seemed to be looming as the shaky truce between the vampire clan falls apart. Robbie finds himself resisting an intense primal attraction for a woman who he shouldn’t want – and he was going to fight it, no matter how irresistible she was…

BOOK 2: Finn – Dragon Shifter
BOOK 3: Charlie – Dragon Shifter
BOOK 4: Henrik – Dragon Shifter
BOOK 5: Dylan – Wolf Shifter
BOOK 6: Hans – Bear Shifter
BOOK 7: Issac – Panther Shifter
BOOK 8: Simon – Wolf Shifter
BOOK 9: Jake – Wolf Shifter
BOOK 10: Raz – Vampire

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