Alien Mates: The Complete Box Set (Books 1-4): Paranormal SciFi Romance

Revel in sensuous new worlds and fall for the alien alpha men who inhabit them…


The Alien Mates Boxed Set has all the heart warming and heart pounding moments that you are looking for. Ashley L. Hunt brings her worlds and characters alive with vivid, sensuous detail.


Filled with strong, loyal, masculine alien men and fiercely independent heroines brought together as they overcome hardship and challenges on other worlds.

The series contains four full length books (100-120 thousand words each) and there are guaranteed happy endings and no cheating.


Warning: These books DO contain sensual scenes that may not be appropriate for young readers…but for strong, sensual women – they’re a must-read!






Can true, passionate, love be found by two beings that grew up billions of miles apart?

Volistad and Joanna are passionate about what they have been chosen to do. But when their paths collide, passion and love erupts from inside of both them. Can either of them continue to do what they originally set out to, or has everything changed?
Read as the brave Joanna explores a new world and her deepest desires…




Love is not normally found in politics, but can the love story of a pure young Earth woman and a powerful alien prince bring peace?




The two lovers meet each other in ecstasy and develop a powerful bond that cannot be broken easily. Will the devious plans or the doubts of others creep into their beautiful love, or will their passion and desire to be with one another overpower everything?




Can the forbidden love between a college girl, turned soldier, and an alien, the last of his kind, survive from being attacked from all sides?


Their love is deemed a criminal act and they will be pursued until captured. Can they escape together to live and explore their love in peace, or will they be captured by human authorities or even worse the Sarceastians?


Read as Jessie and Yahn develop a bond that transcends race and anything these two have ever dreamt of. Their love will only intensify as their adventure between worlds reaches its pinnacle.




Can a brilliant woman’s mission to find a forsaken relic, end up helping her find her true love with a burly alien, who has completely forgotten who he is?


Eladia is an adventurous woman who prefers to use her brains and not her muscles, that’s why she has become a Chronicler, a new age archeologist. She has journeyed from a new earth, Yaerus, to the earth we know today to find a mysterious and powerful relic. To her surprise, she came upon an extremely muscular man who has just risen from a long rest, will she find love and passion with this beastly man as well as the relic?


Jasih, or Jay as Eladia calls him, can barely recall anything from his past. All he knows how to do is to kill and protect, both of which he is extremely good at. At first, Jasih is just focused on himself, but Eladia’s beauty and passion for what she does, might just soften him up.


Read as the two of them fight monsters, search for this long forgotten relic, and explore the love that builds between them. Hopefully, once Jasih finds out who he really is, Eladia will still love him.

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