Single Daddy’s Valentine: (A Small Town Fake Fiancee Romance)

A hot single daddy, a perky valentines matchmaker and a South Dakota Farm!

Running my defense company in DC, and raising my son Louie as a single daddy is my life. Should I marry again? Hell-No! One heart-break is enough.

But my dad just died and left me his South Dakota farm on one condition – I need to marry a girl from South Dakota. Did I mention Louie’s mom was also from here? I am out! It’s fine If my degenerate brother Matt gets the farm, but I am not repeating my mistake.

Bieber once said, you can never say never, and there she was, Lana – the girl I saw grow up on our farm. A lot younger, but a little girl no more. The voluptuous, rugged goddess asks me out for her Valentines Day ball, and turns my life upside down.

A little bit of fun was all I had in mind, until our rendezvous turns into a deal. A fake marriage to get me the farm and have her family stay on. Fair deal right?

Well, now her life is in danger and I have to protect her, even if I must stay back for the rest of my life. I repeated my mistake, I mingled with a South Dakota girl, and now I have to pay the price! And it’s a hefty one.

Have you faced heartbreak, felt stuck, been unable to want to love again? I sure have and hence I have written this book. Grab a copy, and make a decision to love yourself! This book has a guaranteed HEA, hot & steamy scenes, and great bonus content!

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