Preach to me Baby

Bad boy rebel turned preacher. He’s hot and sexy and… a pastor. Instead of repenting our sins we are adding up the ones we want to commit with this beautiful god.

Lily Ray Jameson had just been hurt bad—hence her decision to leave Los Angeles and start a new life in Sunnydale, where her uncle resides. Her uncle is a lovable reverend who is the center of the town, and soon she finds herself introduced to people who fascinate her as much as they amuse her. It’s all pretty safe—until she meets Pastor Seb, the wholesome and handsome pastor who has all the men looking up to him and the women sighing dreamily. Lily convinces herself she’s immune to his charms, and it stays that way—until circumstances have them coming in close contact often, and the heated gazes lead to something more…

Sebastian Nolan has a good life, serving a town that he loves and moving on from a very troubled past. While he used to go through women like notches on his bedpost, that life is over now—that is, until he meets the new woman in town. She has a face like an angel and a body made for sinning, and the vulnerability beneath the surface makes him want to comfort—and to hug, to kiss and make her moan in pleasure. Still, he tries to resist the temptation—even when he burns to touch what is so, so forbidden…

Preach to me Baby is a hella sexy story. Over 40,000 words and a HEA plus bonus content. Check out the preview for Her First, Her Boss and the link for my newsletter to subscribe and get the exclusive book straight to your email.

Mature content.

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