Matched with the Bear: A Shifter Dating Agency Romance

A high-end dating agency. A secretive client. And one hell of an arrangement.

Dating is hard enough.
Broken hearts. Mixed messages. Lies.
I’ve been through more bad relationships than I’m willing to admit.
And I still haven’t found love.
So, who can blame me for joining a high-end dating agency?

Turns out this client of theirs doesn’t want love.
He wants an arrangement.
He hides his private life from me.
What’s a girl to think?

But this man, this secretive, dark, handsome stranger has a habit of attracting danger.
And when he’s forced to show his true form – a magnificent black bear – to protect me, I am left at an impasse.
Do I run from the imminent danger and never look back?
Or do I stay in the arms of this powerful beast and accept the truth.
That agreement or not, we exist to love each other.

**A shifter dating agency romance sure to set the scene for Ruby’s future books. No cliffhangers. Very mature themes and a HEA.**

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