Raz (Clan Legacy Series)

Ready for another great read from J. S. Striker?

Raz has no last name. Nor does he have a family or a life outside being the second-in-line to his vampire clan leader. It’s a life filled with power and politics, and it’s one that he rather enjoys.

Eva Thomason just wants to bake and live a peaceful life. But fate has other plans when her estranged brother suddenly dies, leaving behind his two kids who make her hair stand on end and tug at her heartstrings at the same time.

Join Raz on his next mission as he untangles a deep secret that could threaten to destroy his kind. A secret he can’t ignore…

Raz is the 10th book released in the Clan Legacy Series. It is 30,000 words. A HEA guaranteed and can easily be read as a standalone. This new read will leave you feeling sexy and satisfied!

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