The Experiment

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I’m locked in a gilded cage.
Forbidden. Teased. Denied.
I need to break the rules.
It’s time for an experiment…

Someone just tried to kill me.
Maybe I’ll pretend they did.
Learn who’s after me and make them pay.
I hole up. I lay low.
And then I meet her.
The girl next door, literally.
I can’t tell her my real name.
But she didn’t ask: she’s hiding too.
Pretending to be someone she’s not.
And Lily is different.
She knows what she wants.
Firm, yet submissive.
A mystery, and the clue.
I’m supposed to be lying low…
Not lying next to Lily.
Then pinning her against a wall.
Smacking my palm against her @ss
Collaring her, then making her beg for release…
But this could never last.
They were after me.
But now they’re coming for her.
Lily has woken the beast inside me.
And if they want her…

They’ll have to go through me.

Holly Hart loves happy endings and hates cheating. So when you pick up one of her books, you know exactly what you’re going to get! She’s a twice USA Today as well as WSJ Bestselling author, and she’s a five times Amazon top 20 bestseller! This full length novel also contains hot bonus material!

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