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Billionaire Daddy

Falling in love with her billionaire boss was the last thing she expected…especially since he was a single dad…

Maddox Moore already made a name for himself as a chef and successful restaurant owner before life threw a wrench into his own plans, and now he’s a multi-billionaire single father who doesn’t have time for anything outside of work and his kiddo.

After a night at a charity event, Maddox makes the sudden decision to bid on a date with a beautiful red-headed woman Evelyn, and twenty thousand dollars later, he wins her for the night.

He soon realizes that one night isn’t enough…he wants more of her. Too bad she’s not interested…yet. Can Maddox win her over without spilling too many of his secrets in the process, or will his desire for her have him baring all?

Billionaire’s Vegas Night

How does happily ever after begin? While you can no doubt think up a million romantic ways for it to get started, getting sloppy drunk and passing out probably isn’t one of them. Which is why Luna is so mortified to find herself waking up in her boss’ bed in Vegas, her memory of the night before little more than sporadic flashes.

While she is embarrassed, her billionaire boss, Gabriel, is unfazed. Unlike Luna, he remembers the night before–including their wedding, officiated by Blues Brothers impersonators. No, for Gabriel, everything is just fine. Until the police come knocking at the door of his hotel suite.

And why are they knocking on the door of his hotel suite? Because not one, but two of his ex-girlfriends are in the same hotel as him–and they are both dead. Strangled to death during the night. And he is their number one suspect.

And his alibi can’t remember a thing.

Will Luna and Gabriel be able to carve a path together?

Billionaire’s Best Woman

She didn’t expect to fall in love with her best friend…

On paper, Parker’s life is amazing. His tech company is worth billions, he works just a few hours a day, calls the Florida Keys home, and has a smoking hot girlfriend. Sounds pretty sweet.

And that doesn’t even take into account that his best friend, Sienna, helps him keep his life both fun and grounded. But it is with her that things go a little sideways. He has felt himself attracted to her for some time, and she has long carried a torch for him, but neither let each other know. Is it too late?

Billionaire Beast

After Billionaire Aiden Walker lost his entire family in a tragic plane crash, he wanted nothing more than to be left alone, so much that he fired his entire staff.

He mourned his loss by drowning himself in booze at a small bar on the wrong side of town, where the local bartender became his only friend.

So just when he thinks life couldn’t get any worse, one of the families involved in the tragic accident is determined to ruin him with a lawsuit that could take his sprawling Savannah estate.

The two fall into bed, but will her lies destroy any chance for love once Aiden learns who she is?

Billionaire’s Valentine

Declan needs a new assistant because of his poor behavior. But as luck would have it, Emmi has also recently been chased off by a badly behaved boss. Her father, Declan’s business partner, suggests she work as his assistant until he finds someone else.

Things get off to a rough start. Emmi knows that the job is less than she is worth, having earned her MBA, and she often steps out of line, showing up Declan despite him being her boss. But when they end up snowed in at a resort he has purchased, things heat up quickly.

But when he hired her, he promised her father he would not sleep with Emmi. So when Emmi’s father tries to rescue them and discovers them naked in bed together, well. Things don’t go so well….

The Billionaires Box Set is 5 steamy standalone billionaire romance novels. No cheating. No cliffhangers. HEA.

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