Our Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Underlining the traumatic past of an ordinary young woman, and exploring the chaotic high-stakes world of a crime family. Our Crazy Little Thing Called Love is Liz Lorde’s luminous and thrilling debut into the Mafia sub-genre of Romance.

Leo Ligotti
She was supposed to be an easy job. But I had one of my moments.
See, I own this town. *Adjusts tie* So when I see something, someone, that I want. I make them mine.
Kidnapping the Mayor’s bastard daughter was simple. Taming her was the challenge.
There’s darkness in this girl’s heart. Me? I’m gonna bring it out.

Tabitha Summers
Rich, ruthless, out of his mind. Leo was my beautiful nightmare.
Just what the hell did that caddish, wildcard of a man want with me? I’m untouched. Clean.
But his eyes won’t stop raking over me. Now he’s got the crazy idea that I’m someone else’s daughter.
Admitting he was shock therapy to my guts was one thing.
Now all I have to do is deny him, and I’ll be free… Just stop thinking about his lickable abs… and his V… and his huge c*ck…

Our Crazy Little Thing Called Love is a full length novel, no cheating, HEA included Steamy Romance.

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