His Surprise Baby

He’s a bad-boy quarterback in need of an image overhaul.
Having a baby with his PR advisor wasn’t part of the plan!

I’m an all-star. A football hero. A household name.
But my reputation precedes me.
After one too many drinks and one-night-stands.
The public sees me as a bad boy. Reckless.
And my sponsors don’t like it one bit.
I’m one scandal away from being off the team.
And now, the kicker. A sex tape that’s gone viral.

I did what anyone would do and hired a PR pro;
A hot, sassy spin doctor who’s amazing at what she does.
How the hell could I resist her?
Only now I’ve got a problem.
She’s pregnant.
And the kid is mine.

This is a full-length romance, with steamy love scenes, a beautiful HEA and utterly no cliffhangers!

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