Casual Sext

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I want to tie you to my bed, Sophie. Spread eagle. Make you beg for me.

I’m sorry…Who is this?

Forgot me so soon?

Maybe I need a reminder…


When a mystery man sends me a racy text message, I’m intrigued. When he sends me more, his filthy words steal my breath. I’m hot, and more than a little bothered.

He’s got the wrong number. I should stop replying.

I don’t.

I feel dirty and I love it.

He wants my submission. He wants to taste me. He wants to hear me scream his name.

One message leads to dozens more. He says he knows me, but I’m sure he’s wrong.

When he asks to meet, I can’t say no.

The man who arrives, the man who promised filthy things, is tall and ripped and built for sin. He’s haunted my dreams. He knows me better than I know myself.

He’s the last man I thought I’d ever see again.


Ruined is a STAND-ALONE, full-length contemporary romance. There are no cliffhangers, and a happy ending is guaranteed!

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