Forbidden Passion

This Boxset contains the complete ‘Forbidden Passion’ series + 3 exclusive Spin-Off stories as exclusive bonus material.

Charlene never imagined what the future would bring on that day of her father’s funeral. The once so solid ground beneath her feet didn’t feel the same anymore. Why did he have to go so young? It wasn’t easy to understand even though she was a nurse by profession. This is when Clayton suddenly appears out of thin air. He had been her father’s best friend until she declared her teenage crush on him. Her father cut off all contact and she never saw him after that, but here he was again.

An adventure that completely changes everything soon unfolds. Clayton has it all, almost. Charlene gets introduced to his darker secrets and eccentric passions. It’s a growing experience for them both. Then, as lightning from a clear-blue sky, a dramatic event put their relationship to the test.

Get ready for a passionate love story with plenty of steam and heartfelt sincerity.

No cliff-hangers and HEA guaranteed.

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