Tied to Him

I’ve always been tied to you.
I wanted you even when I shouldn’t have.
I desired you even when it was wrong.
But I’ve been waiting for you.
And now I’ll have you.

You’ll be alone with me on my private island.
You’ll forget you’re there to pay off your father’s debt.
You won’t even remember your own name.
You won’t feel the ropes I tie around your wrists.
You won’t miss the light when I blindfold you.
All you will feel is my mouth on yours, my skin against yours, and my hardness as I slowly slide in to you.
And when you scream my name, I’ll know you’re mine.
Tied to me.

This Alpha Billionaire Romance contains light-BDSM. It’s not all about the pain, but all about her pleasure. It’s a full novel with no cliff-hanger and an awesome HEA. I’ve also included a sneak peak of Double Doms for your enjoyment.
xx Tia

Tia Siren. Spoil the bad girl in you.

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