Stranded: A Mountain Man Romance

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I had a plan to open my own restaurant right in my hometown of Cody, Montana.
All I needed was the perfect location
Which meant I needed Rex.
Rex McGregor. Gorgeous, masculine, mountain man, Rex.
He was every girlhood fantasy I ever had.
And when a late winter storm hit, that fantasy became reality.
But I wasn’t prepared for Rex.
Or for what came next.

Man of Shadow Mountain

People call me a lot of things, my personal favorite, as*h*le.
But the way Lena said my name, all breathless and sexy was different.
She was different.
And off-limits.
The storm made it impossible to deny what I wanted. Needed.
Her. Just her.
But when she disappeared I knew I would do whatever it took to find her.
To make her mine.

Author’s Promise: Stranded is a standalone steamy romance, with no cheating, no cliffhangers and a happily ever after.

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