Truckers 1 & 2 (Curvy Virgin & Alpha MFM+ Menage)

Truckers—Tyrone is now live. The intense adult material in this book is not for everyone. 
I have a secret. I still have my V card, and I’m on my first road trip across the country.
Is the smoldering hot trucker with the melting smile a knight of the road, or is he the bad man I’ve been warned about?

Buck has plans for me. By the time I find out what he expects my untouched, curvy body to endure, I’m not sure there’s anything I wouldn’t let him do, including everything risky with his silver fox buddy and their mammoth Black best friend. Even when I’m reluctant, Buck knows just how to master me to get everything he wants.

If you’re up for this, come on Gia’s first ride! These hot short reads are for readers 18+ due to strong sexual content, language and dark themes. Not advised for sensitive readers, or anyone prone to being offended or triggered by fiction. Truckers 1 & 2 contain power play, sharing, unprotected first times, ownership and age gap fast love that may disturb some readers. If you like spirited BBW heroines, tough and tender heroes, dark romance, and imaginative fantasy, the scary-hot moments will make you squirm in all the right ways. Truckers is a novelette and Truckers ~ Lyle is a novella. They are not novels. Both are standalones featuring a different couple and HEA.

There are brief previews of two other blue collar menage books in this edition for you.
Please note: These books first appeared as singles. Truckers has appeared in other bundles. Lyle hasn’t appeared in any previous collection.

Adventurous readers, let’s roll.

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