Single Dad Kisses: A Collection

When I hired a Nanny I wasn’t expecting Harper…
Sweet, young and full of life. She was everything my daughter needed. And her curvy body was everything I desired.

I want to slide my hand up those sexy little dresses she wears and see what’s underneath…
But I can’t because my little girl has fallen in love with Rory. And because she’s my neighbor. And she’s twenty years younger than me. I’ve already been burned once and I can’t afford to let my life go off the rails even if she does look like she’d be worth the fiery crash.

Sage Winchester was my best friend’s kid sister.
Only she’s not a kid anymore. She’s all woman with big blue eyes, long shapely legs that look like a wet dream in painted on denim. When I needed a fake fiancée she’s the one I ask. It was just a little bit of pretending for a few months.

My daughter is the one constant in my life since my wife died.
Now my in-laws from the States want to take her from me. They think I can’t give her stability. That’s when I thought of the nanny. Amber. A twenty-two-year-old American with legs that go on forever. If I can convince Amber to pose as my fake fiancée, I might be able to keep my child.

Halloween has come to the Outback. Who would have thought it?
I’m not looking for love. Especially not with the nanny. Even if she is one of the sexiest women I’ve ever met, with a talent for costumes and a surprising interest in the cattle station. Can Halloween weave its magic on two lost souls?

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