Another FILF: (Fireman I’d Like to F**k) (Hotshots Book 2)

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It doesn’t take a fire for sparks to fly

I thought it was an empty cabin but when I hear noises inside, I kick down the door.
I sure wasn’t expecting the wild-eyed perfect beauty I find inside
Lila Byrd has my c**k pounding under my turnouts
And driving me crazy with her stubborn refusal to leave
Sparks are flying but there’s no time
My role is to save and protect her
She hates my guts but she’s about to go over my shoulder before we’re trapped in this cabin
She already thinks I’m a manwhore
Wait until she finds out I’m Mr August, the summer playboy
It’s Hot as Hell in here and she’d better watch out for the backdraft
Because when I know what I want, I always get it

This should have been a controlled burn but instead it’s a wildfire

Stand by with the fire extinguisher and hose yourself down because Another FILF is a steamy firefighter hero alpha male romance guaranteed to set you alight. The second of the standalone HotShots California FireCrew series.

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