Azlo (Weredragons Of Tuviso) (A Sci Fi Alien Weredragon Romance)

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He needs her body, or he will die. She needs his army… 

Sergeant Sheila Adams is dealing with more than she can handle.
After losing herfiancé to the Clenok cyborgs, she wound up in
Providence, a small human hideout. But she wasn’t expecting
it to lack leadership, and that she would become that leader. So
when the mysterious weredragon alien shows up, she’s suspicious
that he is actually there simply to help the humans. Why does she
feel turned on by him? Why does he look at her with desire?
She’s the leader, and can’t give in to this alien brute.

General Azlo Bron will do right by his King. He has a mission and
will not fail. But when he starts to experience the symptoms of
the Blackness plague he knows that his time is now short. The
cure? Mating with a human female. But he wants Sheila Adams,
and she is cold to him. Waiting for her could bring about his death,
but there is another human willing to mate with him. Now he must
 Should he wait for what his heart wants? Or give in to another
and save his life?

When Sheila sees this suspicious weredragon named Azlo in action, she
can’t help but to find him irresistible. He is a military might to
behold. She wants to give in to her desire for him, but can’t let go of
her deceased fiancé. But when she finds out that there is more to Azlo’s
desire for her, she feels betrayed.

But with the threat of an oncoming cyborg army, she knows that she needs
him now more than ever, even if she does not trust him.

Azlo (Weredragons Of Tuviso) is the second book in the
Weredragons Of Tuviso Standalone series. All books in
this page-turning Sci Fi Weredragon Shifter Romance can
beread as standalones, thereare no cliffhangers, and happily
ever afters are guaranteed!

Note: Adults Only!

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