His Possession: A Bad Boy Mafia Romance

Amory Mikhailov comes from the rough side of town where her parents own a small grocery store that’s barely been paying their bills for the past few years. When Giovanni Bianchi sends his goons to shakedown their business, they have no choice but to pay for his ‘protection.’ But when the price becomes too high, and her father’s safety is at stake, Amory decides to make them a different offer.

Ryder Bianchi lives a charmed life. He’s spent the last several years trying to stay out of his father’s seedy business until his dad shows up on his doorstep with a present in the form of Amory. Giovanni tells Ryder that he can do whatever he wants to her, and Ryder plans to do just that.

This is a smokin’ hot stand alone story. If you like bossy men with filthy minds, then grab a copy and find out what it’s like to be His Possession.

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