Years of training as a New York police officer couldn’t prepare me for the self-righteous Paige Morgan.

From the moment we met at her dad’s office, I knew I was royally f*cked. Sassy, smart-mouthed. Undeniably sexy…

Her dad’s a big shot politician fighting for justice against Brooklyn’s deadliest mafia! The Sorrenti family and affiliates are not happy. Now, threats have been placed on the family.

I was called on to protect her from the bad guys – but who will protect her from me? It’s true, I’m the hired bodyguard… but I might have to show her who’s really in charge. Ultimately, she’s a forbidden fruit; letting my guard down could mean losing to the mafia – so I’ll have to stay centered and treat this like another fight I won’t lose.

Totally winning with the hero and a smart and very naughty virgin. I congratulate Annalise Wells on this marvelous series starter, Forbidden Fruit.”
– Bella Knight, Author Velvet Ivy

“This is better than good. Oozing with saucy appeal with a twist of fun and some sarcasm. Great job Annalise Wells, Forbidden Fruit takes us away.”
– Maggie Way, USA TODAY Bestselling Author, Entangle Me Series

“Oh, gosh. We all need an Anthony! Gorgeous title starter, I loved Forbidden Fruit by Annalise Wells.”
– Mia Rose, Author, In Love with the Alpha

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