Quarterback’s Virgin

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Ava was barely starting her sophomore year at the university, and things were already starting to look bad. She spent every waking second in the library, pushing herself to the limit. She didn’t have time for anything else, but that didn’t change the fact that she had to survive, and that meant tutoring the meatheads.

Channing was doing fine. He didn’t care about his grades. He was having fun, and he knew that he could bounce back any time that he wanted to. But that didn’t matter to the coach. Channing had to maintain his academic standing if he wanted to stay on the team. He was going to have to get some help if he wanted to catch up.

He didn’t want to do it. It was a waste of time. He should’ve quit class and walked away, but Ava was a challenge, and the entire team was after her. The first man to pop her cherry was going to be the happy recipient of a hundred dollars.

It was sick, wrong—against everything he believed in, but he couldn’t stop himself. He wanted her and he wasn’t going to let anyone else beat him to it.

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