Interview with the Dom

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There’s just one condition to this interview… Will I survive the heat when we come together?

When the respected newspaper I work for changes owners and becomes nothing but a gossip rag, I quit. Bad idea. Three months later, I’m still looking for a job, watching my savings dwindle down into nothing.

Then a miracle happens… Glam magazine needs a journalist for their World column. I couldn’t be more perfect. Except that their idea of news is vastly different from mine. Instead of writing award winning editorials about world hunger and sex trafficking, I’m assigned to interview Master X, the handsome owner of a sex club.

The Dom agrees to the interview… on one condition. He won’t answer my questions about his lifestyle. He wants to show me instead.

***Interview with the Dom is a standalone novella guaranteed to steam up your Kindle. No cliffhanger and a very happy ending.***

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